“Bridge of Hope” Grief Support Ministry


Does grief affect your faith or does faith affect your grief?

Are you, or someone you know, grieving? Struggling with the loss of a loved one, illness in your family, suffering with family problems, divorce, job loss, or other life issues?  Whether present events brought grief to you or you are carrying the pain of grief from long ago; Whether faith brings you support while grieving or whether grief causes your faith to tremble, please join us.

We gather to learn about the grief process, to support one another,and to share our thoughts and feelings, sustained by our faith and enlightened by Christ.

If you wish to participate, cycles of 8 consecutive closed meetings are offered on Saturdays through the year:


Meetings are closed to other participants after the second gathering takes place.
Those who already participated in a previous cycle of meetings are welcome to come again.

The information and support are priceless, but are provided to you at no cost!

Contact Benedetta at (360) 292-7143, or e-mail at breece@saintmichaelparish.org  to participate.

….and remember, grief is a feeling every human being will experience in his/her life. It is a fact that men and women grieve differently according to their own natures and personalities, and according to cultural expectations.  Yet, both men and women should recognize when in grief and seek help: Permitting yourself to honestly experience grief is an important step towards healing, both for men and women.