Catechesis of the Good Shepherd – Level III

Who is the Level III Child?

 The 9-12 child continues to grow socially, mentally, and spiritually. Typically, this child is in 4th – 6th grade.   This child continues to be interested in his or her role in the great passage of time.  The child can absorb and analyze more information about the expanse of history and relate diverse themes together. Timelines remain an important part of the Atrium experience.  They provide more opportunities for research and relating salvation history to the child’s own experience.  Developmentally, the child is calmer and more focused than during the 6-9 phase.  The older child can also draw connections between moral themes in scripture and their own spiritual experience. The 9-12 year old also takes a greater leadership role in the Atrium, planning more complex prayer and managing their progress through works in the Atrium.


 Level III sessions (Register for Level III):

Wednesday 3:45p-5:45p