Climate Change & Immigration/Migration

God’s Creation Cries for Justice

Climate Change: Impact and Response

An 8 week class starting Wednesday, April 29.

The approach to global climate change by the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change and Catholic Bishops’ Environmental Justice Program has been to focus on the themes of prudence, poverty and the common good, as well as Catholic Social Teaching. This module will expand and explore these principles and will have a strong emphasis on how climate change will impact the poor at home and abroad.

The eight week program will draw out arguments for and against action and demonstrate—through both faith and science—the hazards to poor people of doing nothing.

Crossing Borders: Migration, Theology, and the Human Journey

An 8 week class start date is to be determined.

This JustMatters module was written by Daniel G. Groody, csc, PhD, and Mary J. Miller, M.A. As Fr. Groody states, “The Bible reminds us that the debates surrounding immigration are first of all about human beings who are made in the image and likeness of God. Policy debates, statistics, spreadsheets, and economic outcomes have their place in the debate, but without considering the human costs surrounding migration we have an impoverished sense of the core issues at stake.”

Crossing Borders provides participants a chance to find common ground and to discover more about themselves, their values, our God and the millions of people who are on the move in every part of the world.

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