Join Seminarian Jeffrey Moore for Christian Morality series!

Use this Easter Season to delve deeper into your Catholic faith! Seminarian Jeffrey Moore will present a four-part series on the foundations of Christian morality. This series will go beyond what the Church teaches to WHY she teaches it, giving you the theological tools to analyze complex moral situations according to Catholic thought. All are welcome, regardless of theological background.
Classes will be held Fridays, 7-8:30pm in the Parish Center, Room 9.
April 10 – Sources: Natural Law, Revelation, & Theology
April 17 – Basics: Definitions, Act Theory, Virtue Theory
April 24 – In-depth on Sexual Moral Theology*
May 01 – Case Studies: Ectopic Pregnancies, War, Taxes, etc.
*High-school age and older, please.


Week 1, part 1

Week 1, part 2

Week 2

Week 2, part 1

Week 2, part 2

Week 2, part 3

Week 3, part 1

Week 3, part 2

Week 3, part 3