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 Six Week Lenten Session begins the week of February 26

Small Groups will meet in homes or at the parish each week to:

  • Break open the Sunday Scripture with Lectio Divina
  • Gain wisdom and hear a reflection from Fr. Jim
  • Share prayer, insights and God sightings in a confidential setting
  • Meet other parishioners and share life and faith experiences
  • Deepen your own faith/life connection in a supportive environment

What does your small group look like? You choose! Gather a few friends and take your friendship to a whole new level by starting a new group. Or, join one of the existing small groups hosted on a variety of days, at many times and locations.

I can’t emphasize enough how directly and lovingly everyone in my group cares and prays for me and each member of our group.”

Meeting with and forming relationships with those in the small group encourages me to dig deep into scripture and live in a manner that demonstrates this deeper knowledge. The members of my group are really my faith family!”

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